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Community Resources for Independent Living

Upcoming Events

We have a full calendar of events with CRIL for 2019. We make it our goal to reach out to the community for local issues, as well as statewide concerns. If you have a suggestion for events to add on our calendar, please contact us.

Housing Search Workshop - Livermore Office

▸ October 10, 2018

Learn what housing options are available to meet your needs and finances. Learn how to obtain your credit report for free and improve your score. Obtain an up-to-date resource guide for housing in Alameda County, including Section 8 and below market rentals. Create a plan to work with our Housing Coordinator on your personal housing needs.

WHEN: October 10, 2018
WHERE: CRIL’s Livermore office: 3311 Pacific Avenue, Livermore, CA 94550
RSVP: Alejandra Hacker: 925.371.1531 or