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The Disability Action Network for Youth (DANY) is a member-led group of 16-24 year Olds who like to advocate and educate about issues that are important to us. We hold monthly meetings on the 4th Wednesday of each month to discuss upcoming events, actions, campaigns, and more. We utilize each of our own unique skills to learn, grow and make positive changes in our communities. DANY is always welcoming of new members! Over the past year, DANY have chosen which campaigns and issues we want to take on. These include issues that interest us locally and state-wide. These include:

  • Collaborating with the Hayward Adult School to advocate for continued funding. We ran a successful campaign where we educated community members, elected officials and the public about the importance of keeping the Hayward Adult School.
  • Advocated locally for the passage of Disability History Week. As a part of a state-wide campaign by Yo! Disabled and Proud, DANY have collected over 200 signatures (and counting!), have done public education, and met with elected officials about the importance of teaching disability history in public schools. This bill was successfully passed in July of 2010. To learn more visit
  • DANY members are working on the Take Action 4 Accommodations Campaign. A campaign focused on educating people with disabilities that attend community colleges about their rights as a student, and making sure that their needs are being met.

DANY is also focused on providing a space for youth with various types of disabilities to meet each other and have fun! Some of the great events we have been a part of:

  • Participating in Disability Capitol Action Day in Sacramento, CA. DANY members travelled by bus, participated in a march and rally, did legislative visits and were able to tour the Capitol.
  • Participated in various ADA celebrations throughout the Bay Area to celebrate 20 years of the Americans with Disabilities Act.
  • Meet with other youth throughout the Bay Area by taking part in various activities like movie nights, meet ups, and outdoor activities.

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Join the Disability Action Network!

The Disability Action Network (DAN) is a group of community members with all kinds of disabilities (apparent and non-apparent), coming together to make change in our communities! The group is facilitated and run by its members, some of whom are CRIL consumers, and some are not. We work on issues that are important to our members – everything from getting a stop sign at a specific corner that is dangerous, to fighting for quality health care and good public transportation. Being a part of the Disability Action Network is a great way to have your voice be heard, make change on the issues you care about, develop leadership skills, and be part of a wonderful group of people. Everyone is welcome, no matter how much or little time you have.

Hayward, Fremont and Tri-Valley DAN

When and where do we meet?

Hayward DAN meets on the 2nd Wednesday of each month, 2:00 pm at CRIL's Hayward office: 439 A Street, Hayward, CA. 

AC Transit buses 37, 83,83 & 93 stop in front of CRIL's Hayward office and BART's Hayward station is 2 blocks away.

Fremont DAN meets on the 1st Tuesday of each month, 3:30 pm at the Fremont library: 2400 Stevenson Blvd., Fremont, CA.

AC Transit buses 212 and 251 serve the Fremont Library.

Tri-Valley DAN meets on the second Thursday of every month at CRIL's Livermore office, the Multi-Service Center: 3311 Pacific Avenue.

WHEELS bus numbers 10, 11 & 14 run 1 block from CRIL's Livermore office.

Note: We do occasionally change the meeting day if there is a conflict with another event, so please check with the office.

Who participates in Tri-Valley DAN?

Members of Tri-Valley DAN live in Livermore, Dublin, and Pleasanton. Most are people with disabilities, though allies are welcome too!

What are our priority issues?

Priority 1: Transportation

In the Tri-Valley, it can be hard to get around. We need affordable and accessible public transportation! We need buses that run often and stop close enough to where we live. We need accessible Paratransit that can transport us safely and efficiently. Many Tri-Valley DAN members sit on local boards and commissions to monitor public transportation and make sure that it works for people with disabilities.

Other priorities: Housing, street and sidewalk access, and state budget

We plan to continue to work on all of these issues: getting involved in housing plans to ensure affordable and accessible housing, making sure that cities build curb cuts and other access to streets and sidewalks, and keeping an eye on the state budget and speaking out about programs that we care about.

What do I do to get involved?

The best way is to come to a meeting or one of our upcoming events! You can also call a community organizer at CRIL to meet one-on-one or find out more.

What events do we have going on right now?


Monthly Trainings are held on the 3rd Wednesday of each month, at CRIL in Hayward, at 2 PM.

Annual Disability Capitol Action Day! This huge event will be next held on Wednesday, May 29, 2013. We have buses leaving from Hayward at 7 am to take us all to Sacramento for an exciting day, including a march, rally and legislative visits. Contact CRIL's Community Organizer via the Contact Us page for more information!

Advocacy Successes

What has the Disability Action Network achieved already?

  • A stop sign at a dangerous corner in Fremont, so that people with disabilities, kids, and everyone else can cross safely. Click here for a news article.
  • A reasonable accommodations ordinance in Alameda County to make it easier for homeowners to make their houses accessible. Click here for a news article.
  • Disabled access to 24-Hour Fitness in Fremont. Click here for a news article about caroling for disabled parking.
  • Improved access to sidewalks and streets in Pleasanton. Click here for a news article.
  • Made our voices heard on the state budget crisis. Click here for a news article about how people with disabilities have been affected, or here for a news article about a community forum we held on the state budget.
  • Improved the process for people to get signed up with In-Home Supportive Services. Click here for a news article about it.
  • An ordinance for universal design in housing in the City of Dublin. Click here to see the ordinance.
  • An ordinance for universal design in Fremont. Click here to see the ordinance, and click here to read a news article about it.
  • Helped pass Proposition 1C to provide more housing statewide.