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Community Resources for Independent Living

Healthy Living & Disease Prevention Workshops

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People with disabilities are largely unserved or underserved in programs of health promotion and physical activity. This situation is particularly problematic as they are often more vulnerable to the development of secondary conditions such as obesity, pain, social isolation, and depression due to insufficient participation in key health living behaviors. For this reason, CRIL provides quarterly Healthy Living Workshops through our Tri-Valley Branch office in Livermore.

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“How do I register for a Healthy Living workshop?”

Our workshops are announced through our newsletter, our website and through partnering agencies. Please contact Abril Tamayo @ 510.881-5743 or 925.371-1531 to learn of the next workshop or place your name on a pre-registration list.

“What is covered in a Healthy Living Workshop?”

Topics addressed include: healthy food choices and cooking tips, how to read ingredient labels; exercise, yoga and stretching programs; low and no-cost screenings for blood pressure, blood sugars, cholesterol levels, prostate cancer, breast exams and mammograms; access to health and dental services; fall prevention tips and more.

“Who provides the instruction and training?”

CRIL staff work collaboratively with health care professionals in the region, including Los Positas College, Kaiser Permanente, Allied Healthcare, and Alliance Mental Health Services in order to provide consumers with experienced, professional and practical healthcare information and resources.