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Community Resources for Independent Living

Disaster Preparedness
(Prepare to Prosper) Workshops

Our Services

CRIL sponsors Emergency & Disaster Preparedness (Prepare to Prosper) Workshops throughout the year in Southern and Eastern Alameda County. These workshops assist persons with disabilities, seniors and care-providers to develop a plan to deal with emergency situations. In the workshop each person will receive materials to take home with important information to share with their family and friends. CRIL's approach is one which deals with empowering individuals to be prepared to prosper in an emergency and not one reacting to fear.

“How do I register for a Disaster Preparedness workshop?”

CRIL's workshops are announced through our listserv, our website and through partnering agencies. Please contact CRIL's main office at 510.881-5743. We will also be able to inform you about upcoming workshops in your area.

“Can I arrange for a separate Disaster Preparedness Workshop for my group?”

If your group has a significant number of persons with disabilities or seniors, a workshop can be scheduled at no charge to your group. CRIL's Disaster/Prepare to Prosper Workshops are given in English and in Spanish.

“How can I begin to plan to prosper during an emergency?”

When you make your weekly or monthly shopping list, remember to add one or two of the emergency preparedness items listed below to it. Also, add in an extra assistive technology device that you use on a daily basis, including eye glasses, contacts, hearing aids & batteries, cane, communication tool, etc. Some gently used items, like camping supplies, can be found at second-hand stores.

After six months, you will have a “Ready Go Kit” to help you prosper when an emergency or disaster occurs!

  • Whistle
  • First Aid kit
  • Granola Bars / Beef Jerky / Canned Meats
  • Bottled Water
  • Plastic Ziplock Baggies / Large Trash Bags
  • Small Fire Extinguisher (ABC)
  • Battery-powered or Wind-up Radio
  • “Rescue My Pet” Signs + Pet Food
  • Pocketknife / Toolset / Can Opener
  • Flashlights of all sizes + Batteries
  • Glow Light Sticks
  • Matches / Lighter
  • Camping Gear (tarp, sleeping bag, Sterno stove, tent)

“Additional Resources”