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Community Resources for Independent Living


Travel & Mobility Training

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The Mobility & Travel Training Program at CRIL enables people with disabilities and seniors, living in the Southern & Eastern Alameda County, to increase their independence by developing the skills to travel on public transit and paratransit. CRIL provides this program as part of its well-established Independent Living Skills (ILS) services through individual and/or group trainings with an experienced travel trainer. The program models how to safely and independently access the different modes of transportation in order to increase a person's knowledge, ability and confidence in getting to many destinations throughout the Bay Area.

What's Provided?

  • Mobility & Travel Training Overview Video (being developed)
  • RTC Discount/Clipper Card Application
  • Monthly Group trips to fun places
  • Individualized trips to specific locations
  • Safety and tethering training
  • Mobility device Training
  • Greater independence traveling on public transportation and paratransit
  • Smartphone training with use of various travel & safety apps

Travel Trainers:


439 A Street
Justina Victoriano at 510-881-5743 x38